Thursday 19th April Handel at Vauxhall: Music from the Pleasure Gardens

Thursday 19th April  2012  7pm

Handel at Vauxhall: Music from the Pleasure Gardens

Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley Street, W1


London Handel Festival

Lisa Rijmer  -  soprano

Greg Tassell – tenor

Daniel Moult  -  organ

Bridget Cunningham  –  conductor & harpsichord

London Early Opera


With stunning narrations by David E. Coke, author of the critically acclaimed ‘Vauxhall Gardens: A History’ (published by Yale University)


A display of sensational music by Handel, Arne, Worgan and other Vauxhall contemporaries to recreate a night in the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens showing  it as a place of great musical importance.

Vauxhall Gardens was the foremost pleasure garden of eighteenth and nineteenth-century London where a statue of Handel was erected.This concert and narrations will reflect how Handel’s music influenced and inspired his colleagues at Vauxhall  Arne, Worgan, Gladwin, Lampe especially. Handel and Arne were at one time called the Apollo and Marsyas of English music – Apollo having the sophisticated lyre and Marsyas his rustic pipes, emphasising the balance between high art and popular entertainment  that Jonathan Tyers always promoted at Vauxhall Spring Gardens. The concert will include songs, a cantata, keyboard works and orchestral works by the in-house composers Worgan, Gladwin, and Arne himself and also includes much of Handel’s stunning music, much loved by Jonathan Tyers.                                                  


Tickets: £15 unreserved seating; students £7.50

Available from: Box office contact details:                        Box office: 01460 54660

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